Welcome to Aintfair.com.

I’ve told my kids over and over, “Life just aint fair.”

But, that said, I feel like there is a chance to even the score a bit.   I’m sick of being ripped off and treated like an idiot.   Okay, maybe I am stupid, but you don’t have to rub my nose in it.   If you do, expect me to fight back.  I’ll do it the only way that I can.  And I ask you to join me.

If you’ve been mistreated, lied to by a business or government agency this is the place to air your grievance.  This is our place to say what’s on our minds.  This is a place to disinfect the situation with a little sunlight.

Let’s network.  Let’s expose the dirty secrets.  Let’s have facts and not rumors.  Let’s be honest.  Let’s just try and give ourselves a voice that the corrupt and greedy will hate.

Kankakee County Illinois is not a unique place when it comes to corruption and greed.  It is a large enough population to have significant opportunities for rip-offs and government corruption and small enough for most of us that live here to know the players.

I’m sick of the one real newspaper in our area to run away from controversy and avoid any conflict because it might cost them an advertiser.  They’re dead to me.

You and I can become the newspaper on this site.  You send me your “stuff” and I’ll publish it.  It’s got to be true or an opinion.  If we can’t prove it then we can’t say it.  Simple.

Please work with me.  I’m just a forcibly retired guy that wants to right some wrongs.  Like you, I’ve been shoved around a lot and I don’t like it.  So let’s right some wrongs.

Use the contact page to send me your gripe(s) and I’ll try to publish them up for our neighbors to see.  And remember, the greedy, the corrupt, the morally bankrupt are watching us.  They’re watching every word.  So don’t hold back.

I promise you anonymity and to never reveal any source without permission.  That is an absolute.

So…let’s go to work.

(P.S. Comments are coming.  If you think that Speak Out was crazy, watch this little show once I get it up and running.)




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